Sunday, July 19, 2009


$40,000. $40,000. $40,000. What is wrong with these people? $40,000 to an expert to shape your child's life for a better chance to drink, smoke pot and lie around most of the day at a prestigious college of their choice. It is the "after-birthright" of the privileged.

Where does this end? Will we endure lectures, at enormous expense, on the foods the baby is to eat,or television shows the infant can watch (cartoons are ok only if they are in Spanish)?

For your money you can be assured of a unique child who mirrors every other unique child produced by the Creator. It is cloning of the wealthy. It is a world of make believe, only it is not. It is the universe of the Stepford kids.

"Take a look at the 20 minute video shot by Stephen Spielberg that introduces you to the person behind the application. You will be forever changed by what you see and Harvard will be forever a better place for adding him to your incoming class."

Yet,perhaps I am being hasty in my harsh criticism of those in need of assistance . . . My law practice is slow these days. I was an English major in college. I did conduct alumni interviews for a dozen years. I do like to write and can critique other people's writings. I can shape a resume and I know how admission officers think. I believe I am better qualified than most to handle this arduous and critical undertaking.

I am starting the bidding at $30,000 for my services ( I don't want to seem a pig). Everyone deserves a little help now and then.


Anonymous said...

what do you charge for golf lessons?

Robert said...

whatever I can get