Thursday, August 27, 2009


And then there were none. With the passing of Edward Moore Kennedy an era of political significance for 3 brothers has come to a close. They were men of wealth and privilege. They were men who had flaws, revealed and hidden. They were however, above all else, men who dedicated their lives in the pursuit of their vision of a better more noble country.

From 1960 and for almost 50 years thereafter the name Kennedy carried a special meaning. I was born in 1952, the same year that JFK became a US senator from Massachusetts. I have never had a conscious thought of our country's political course without inclusion of someone Kennedy.

The family believed fundamentally in moving towards a truer democracy. From civil rights advances, educational reform and health insurance overhaul to scores of other positions vigorously defended by Jack, Bobby and Ted, we were asked to live up to the standards they demanded from our society. It was to be a country in which no one would be left behind.

There are no more brothers to whom the torch passes. The light that this extraordinary trio shined upon us has now been extinguished. It is a little darker in the world this morning. It is time for us to pay our last respects to 3 brothers who deserve our everlasting respect.

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