Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have nothing to say to you

I woke up this morning, scouring my mind and the paper for topics of interest to discuss with you. Dry well.

Therefore I am composing a piece about nothing. I don't think it will be easy writing without a subject. The beginning does not lead to the middle or the end. There is no suspense, no question to ponder. I cannot impart my unique wisdom when there is none to impart.

Yet, in a strange way, it is actually refreshing to talk to you about nothing in particular. There are no boundaries. I can wander here or there without remorse. In fact, I think I may just do that in the next paragraph. Or not. I am without constraint.

From this day forward, I may decide to write only about nothing. How can you criticize me if I never take a position? Where can I be wrong if I never try to be right? This is actually going to be fun.

I don't have to try to impress you. I am not doing much of a job at keeping your attention these days anyway. But, I digress as I have now started to discuss something and that can only lead to further distractions.

I may make this a very long post. Or, I may stop it right now. Freedom is a wonderful thing. But, freedom is a thing, and I have vowed not to discuss things, so I can't linger.

I am leaving this piece now, and I may come back to it shortly. Or, I may not. It doesn't really much matter. Or maybe it does. I will let you know what I decide. Or I may not.

I have returned after being away from this piece for several hours. It is of no import as I didn't lose my train of thought since I had none.

There seem to be endless possibilities with this form of communicating. Whereever I head is not off topic. Nothing is too small or too large. Or maybe I will determine that everything is.

I have nothing to say to you is, I believe, a perfect name for a book. I have spent many days regaling you with tales that take you nowhere, make hardly a ripple, and leave you unchanged. I think my real talent may be in making something out of nothing. I am at home there.

I have decided I have nothing more to say to you about nothing to say to you for the time being. Don't be surprised if I change my mind and have something more to say. Or not.


Anonymous said...

This piece was of dubious importance. I have nothing to say.

Jared Alessandroni said...

You're like Seinfeld. It's a show about nothing! Except, you don't date underage women and think that Scientology is interesting.

Robert said...

I would like to think that having nothing to say actually says a lot about me.