Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Rivalry

Is this fear or anticipation that I am feeling? As we head into the next chapter of this longest running drama, we await the latest twist. It is " As the World Turns" baseball style. Welcome to another Yankee- Red Sox series.

For the ballplayers, there is a month of pre-season drudgery followed by 162 regular season games and then, if all goes according to plan, yet another month of post-season baseball. They have lived and breathed this sport for years. I cannot imagine that their lives are nearly as impacted by the to and fro as are those of us who watch and wait. It is more than empathy, as we are experiencing feelings that the ballplayers most certainly do not.

How many of us may have our evening's ruined by one bad pitch, one misstep? How many of us will be yelling at an umpire or a coach or a player? How many of us have lived this story for untold past performances of this never ending rivalry and will do so, if we are lucky enough, for many tomorrows?

It is great fun and it is terrible tragedy. It is pain and pleasure, hope and disappointment. It is today and only this moment. Then it is tomorrow and it begins anew. I love everything about it, except when the Red Sox win. It is the best and worst of times every night. And then again. I love baseball.



Jack said...

Right On!
The Yankees finally won a game against Boston this season last night. It was sweet. Tonight we have to do it again, and then twice more. Each game they play has so much drama, excitement and emotion. A baseball lover's dream.

Robert said...

last night was a dream after living through 8 nightmares.

let the good times roll.