Friday, August 14, 2009

Sticks and Stones

Paul Krugman ("Republican Death Trip") poses the question if Mr. Obama can 'rise to the challenge of unreasoning, unappeasable opposition'. If this means can he stop the noise and convert the shouters, the answer is a self explanatory and resounding NO.

How can he convey his message when nobody on the other side is listening? The problem with the Democrats is that they attempt to inject rational thought into everything. They apply their set of logical assumptions to every issue. They fail to think like and act like the Republican fringe. They believe that the power of persuasion is a legitimate weapon at their disposal. They are wrong in their approach and their conclusions.

In recent years we have seen the Palin, Limbaugh rants and raves take on life despite Democratic opposition. It was not reasoned debate that stopped the Republican train in its tracks last year. It was the economic tsunami that did the job.

The Democrats should stop trying to answer to the lunatic fringe. They should learn what the Republicans have long ago mastered: ignore the message propogated by the other side. The town hall meetings have done nothing but give a face to the rant.

The Democrats must go about their business, create the best, most reasonable cost effective legislation they can and then shove it home with the votes of their own party. Forget the power of persuasion. Remember who they are and that they carry the big stick. For once, they have to act like Republicans. Use their power. They have the sticks and stones to break the Republican's bones on health care opposition and can assure through their position of control that Republican words can never hurt them. Man up Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Right on !!! The problem with being a liberal is that we want to listen to the other side, while the conservatives just stand there with their fingers in their ears, shouting and trying to drown out rational discourse.

Robert said...

Sorry, what did you say? I can't hear over all the noise.

Anonymous said...

What a load of juvenile illogical, ill informed, and incomprehensible crap. Democrats inject rational thought into what? What a joke. You sound like a high school sophmore. You left wing liberals are willing to give up personal freedom and responsibility for big inefficient, incompetent and expensive government. You can't even recognize you're no different from the republicans except for your rant.
Robert, what were you thinking when you wrote that last paragraph? The Democrats don't have the votes to pass Obamacare. The real opposition lies within the party not the republicans. Did you forget that members of Congress owe their allegiance to their constituents and not their party leaders? Nancy's sticks and stones will not be enough to get the Blue Dogs to change.
Liberals don't want to listen to the other side, they cannot even listen to their own side, and why should they when they have all the answers to begin with? The "logical" approach, of course, is to ram it down the American people's throats.

Robert said...

I can't accept anymore of this "the Democrats are to blame" nonsense. The Republican party has done NOTHING but try to create confusion and fear. Their basic platform is to scream and point fingers. Is it any wonder that Rush Limbaugh is their most prominent voice these days?

I am tired of the you are so naive garbage. The Democrats have their issues, for sure. However their problems are NOTHING compared to the damage done each and every day from the other side of the aisle.

You don't like Democrats. I get it.

For once, let the Republicans be part of the solution. Until that happens, this mantra will continue.