Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Trost and/or the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees

To Lonn Trost and/or the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees-

Thank you so much for your notification, which I received today, regarding the 2009 postseason and the 2 Preliminary Pre-On-Sales (henceforth abbreviated Pre-Pre-On-Sale) and the 2 Pre-On-Sales that will afford me the opportunity to attempt to acquire 2 tickets to either and/or both of the first 2 rounds of the playoffs.

You must have hired a very adept attorney to help craft the clear letter and the accompanying Terms and Conditions of the opportunities available to those of us who hold at least 1 Partial Plan (i.e. Ticket Licensees with a 20 game plan, 15 game plan, 12 game plan and/or an 11 game plan in their ticket account), but not those who hold either a Full Season and/or 41 game plan in their ticket account, to purchase post-season tickets. As clearly indicated, those who purchased Full Season and/or 41 game plans are NOT eligible to participate in the Drawings, the Pre-Pre-On-Sale, or the Pre-On-Sale but are, I assume, forced to buy tickets when the general public clamors for them, after us lucky Partial Plan holders.

Thank you for telling me to carefully review the new Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Pre-On-Sales and the Pre-On-Sales as you advise they differ from prior years' Pre-On-Sale Terms and Conditions for postseason games, which changes you so thoughtfully do not highlight in the already lengthy letter and accompanying Terms and Conditions, perhaps in the interest of brevity and clarity.

I found it particularly illuminating that you provided examples discussing the weighted system of the Drawings with each Eligible Licensee being assigned a certain number of entries (each an "Entry," and collectively, the "Entries") determined by multiplying this times that. I am grateful that you advised in bold lettering that there is no guarantee that any Eligible Licensee's Entry would be drawn in the relevant Drawing regardless of the number of Entries the Eligible Licensee may have. Otherwise, I might have thought I would automatically be drawn based on the fact that this times that must equal the other.

I think that you already held the first Pre-Pre-On-Sale Drawing today, if I understood the Terms and Conditions correctly, though I have not yet received an email notification with the results of said Drawing, as also indicated in the Terms and Conditions. I therefore wait as the clock approaches midnight, with breathless anticipation, to find out if I am eligible for the Pre-Pre-On-Sale or just the regular Pre-On-Sale. I am glad that, either way, "Pre" will precede my ticket purchase time window, unambiguously denoting that I get to buy tickets before other people buy tickets, but not necessarily before some other people get to buy them first, pending the outcome of the Drawings.

Most importantly, if I understand you correctly, whether or not I am in the Pre-Pre-On-Sale or just the regular Pre-On-Sale, I may or may not be eligible to attempt to purchase 2 tickets to either 1 and/or 2 of the first 2 rounds of the playoffs, if the Yankees advance that far. I am assuming that if I am selected and/or the Yankees advance through the first 2 rounds, I will have, at my own discretion, the choice of attempting to buy tickets to 1 and/or 2 rounds of the playoffs.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to explain in such detail and with such clarity the great benefits that I may or may not receive as a result of being a Partial, but not Half or Full, season ticket holder.

Very truly yours and/or not very truly yours,
Robert Nussbaum and/or Richard Nussbaum

P.S. We greatly appreciate that you sent us an email after we attended a game on Saturday September 26, in which you thanked us for buying tickets and presented us with a coupon toward a future ticket purchase--with an expiration date of September 10.


Marcus said...

Such a wise-ass!
I thought your mother raised a more polite boy.

Anonymous said...

So, what they are saying is:
Because you are a season ticket holder, you may be able to buy post season tickets.
Why couldn't they just say that?

Robert said...

the art of obfuscation. I guess when it has been practiced so long, it becomes impossible to simplify.