Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right and wrong

While the party on the right, sat on their collective old white hands, the party on the left stood and applauded.

While the man on the right, in the wrong, shouted at the President, the many on the right would have, if they could have, stood up and left.

The lady of the left shed a tear for her man who had tried to do right. The many without rights were sad he had left.

Left, right, up, down, back and forth we go.

The health of our nation was on display last night. We are sick and we are sick of this. We know better. We are better than this. We are dying, yet not dying to do what we must to do better, to be better.

Well, they said, well he can do better. Well, we said, well we must get well. We are sick and broken. We are sick of being broke. We must not bankrupt our poor lest we bankrupt ourselves. We are rich with possibilities but we are closer to nothing than ever.

We are poor and getting poorer by the minute. The hour is upon us, but we pour over the minute. We are drowning in a sea of words.

It is all full of meaning but it all seems so meaningless. It is watching the sounds of silence from an otherwise very vocal minority. It is watching as the chasm between left and right, wrong and right grows deeper and wider.

I listened to the President talk last night. Many on the right were there but did not hear.

There is very little right these days. The big question is what is left to do.

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