Monday, October 12, 2009

A Beginning, Middle and End

What is 140 characters or less and capable of standing on its own as a work of art? Hint fiction.

Life and death. War and peace. Love lost and found. Sadness, happiness and everything in between. If you can put these ideas into a twitter length piece, you could have a best seller on your hands.

An anthology of tweet stories are due to be published soon, with accomplished authors like Joyce Carol Oates contributing short thoughts.

Off the very top of my head, I have composed 4 possible submissions:

"She was young, but not for long. He was on the hunt, she the prey.The autopsy reported he had been stabbed over 70 times."

"The diagnosis was death. The result was a life he never imagined."

"The occupation of Washington by the united forces of the middle east created a new world order. Our democracy was now a footnote in history."

"'President Palin, the North Korean President is on the line.' 'Hang up,' she replied."

If you can't say it quickly, don't say it at all. We are a society living in soundbites. How much less is there to say?


Anonymous said...

"Literature" in 140 characters and Google scanning all the books in the world.
What do we do with all the libraries?


Robert said...

The library, like the pay telephone booth, may be historical relics in a few years.

Richie Jay said...

What's a pay telephone booth?