Saturday, October 10, 2009

Exhibit A

This is what Abner Doubleday had in mind.

With each event adding another layer of drama, I kept calling my children, who were attending the game. All I could hear on the other end of the line was the sound of 50,000 people being enveloped in the moment. My son or daughter's screams to me were drowned out by the pure energy of the crowd.

The bookends were home runs by the 2 men paid huge sums of money to propel this team to victory. Early on, and then in the most crucial of moments, there were base running gaffes by each side. There were times of triumph and tragedy in waves.

My friend Howie always tells me that being a spectator at a baseball game is like paying to watch the grass grow. Last night, my friend, was Exhibit A as to why you are so very wrong.


Jack said...

I thought by "Exhibit A" you meant the ASSIST we got last night from left field umpire Phil Cuzzi, who clearly blew the call despite being only a few yards away from where Joe Mauer's hit touched ground (fairly) after nicking Melky Cabrera's glove in fair territory. Thank God it was not a reviewable play because if you believe in the "fallacy of the predetermined outcome" he would have had a double and would have easily scored the go ahead run after singles by Kubel and Cuddyer. And who knows what might have been after that?
In situations like last nights', I can never seem to make up my mind about questions of chance, "the fallacy of the predetermined outcome" or whether the Ghosts have merely crossed the road. Such are the mysteries and glories of baseball.

Robert said...

now that was a poetic response