Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Should Rush Be Thrown for a Loss?

Marge Schott was a majority owner of the Cincinnati Reds in the 1990's. Her repeated remarks showing bias against Jews, blacks, gays and Japanese people led to her being banned from running her own team for a three year period from 1996 to 1998. We now learn that Rush Limbaugh is hoping to join the fraternity of owners in the National Football League. Much as my daughter says about the wearing of Spandex, ownership in a professional sports enterprise is a privilege, not a right.

We have had an ongoing discussion over the past years about the damage done in the sports world by the use of performance enhancing drugs. Central to the debate is the question of the message that our athletes are transmitting to a world that is watching and listening so intently. Athletes, and the owners who they work for, do have an impact on our society far greater than the sum of their wins and losses. Lives are changed by how these people act and what these people say.

Mr. Limbaugh is a divisive figure. Some revere him for what they see as his unflinching honesty. Many find him to be boorish at best and a Marge Schott type at worst. From his limited time behind the microphone as a sports analyst, to his current perch as the not so silent voice of the conservative movement, Mr. Limbaugh's prejudices have repeatedly surfaced. The National Football League should not endorse Mr. Limbaugh and give him another platform from which to espouse his views, especially when those views are so disparaging of many who would be in his employ.


Jack said...

Rush Limbaugh, who I doubt you've ever listened to very much, IS the very LOUD voice of the conservative movement. He's also an obnoxious BLOWHARD much of the time. He also has the highest number of radio listeners in America and I'd wager probably the majority of football fans in the U.S listen to him. I don't like him much either. I don't like president Obama much either. However, because I have an open mind, I listen to them both. Obama much more than Rush. They are both divisive. Is that a crime? Marge Schott was, and probably still is, a bigot and more. Tell us, Robert, specifically, what exactly has Rush said to offend Jews, Blacks, Gays and Asians? I know he offends your self proclaimed "bleeding heart liberal" bias as well as all liberals. Because he's been addicted to drugs in the past do you think he'll advocate that his players use them too? Come on Robert, give us some real ammunition so we can all join you in an effort to persuade the NFL he's unfit to be a part owner of a football team.

Robert said...

Here are two quotes attributed to Limbaugh in a 2006 book, "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America," by Jack Huberman.

* "You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray (Dr. King's assassin). We miss you, James. Godspeed."

* "Let's face it, we didn't have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back. I'm just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."

Jack- the article from which the above was quoted was written today by James Whitlock (Goodell should say no to Limbaugh). He does say that people speaking on Limbaugh's behalf do challenge the authenticity of these quotes.

I have seen in the past, various quotes from Mr. Limbaugh which I find to be offensive. (if you look back at one of my past posts on Limbaugh quotes, I think you will find several additional examples) He is a hard person to defend, and if you believe it is only bleeding heart liberals who find him distasteful I would suggest your perception is off.

Robert said...

Here is the earlier post with some quotable moments from Mr. Limbaugh

1. July 12, 2005- calls him Obama Osama ( 7 times))
2. February 7, 2006- compares him to Donovan McNabb, ie does nothing and is a rising star because the media wants to prop up a black ( the initial reference to the media overrating McNabb and giving him a free pass had led to Limbaugh''s dismissal from ESPN in 2003)
3. February 14, 2007.- Obama should renounce his race and just become white
4. March 3,2008- he issues an apology for laughing at a caller's comments comparing Obama to Curious George, a monkey.
5. May 8, 2008- he urges the superdelegates to support Obama over Clinton as the weaker of the Democratic candidates.

The above all related merely to the attacks by Limbaugh on Obama. There would be a closet full directed at others, both individuals and groups, that drew his ire. He is not subtle in his message.

Robert said...


More racist quotes attributed to Mr. Limbaugh

Jack said...

Who's perception is off?
a. I did not and will not defend him.
b. I don't like him.
c. I said he's distasteful.
d. I agreed he's divisive.
e. You can re-read what I wrote. It's there. I can't change it.
F. Thank you for providing some examples of what he stands for that I requested of you, which you should have included in the first place (to bolster your argument) without my asking. Even though they may not be authentic. g. Obviously I do not listen to his program enough, nor do I take him as seriously as you do.
h. He's a BLEEDING BLOWHARD, and I don't like those kind very much.
i. You get me now?