Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let me put in an official complaint. Stop with all the political robo calls.

I have been bombarded in the days leading up to the election. I have received personal greetings from elevated politicians like President Obama and Governor Corzine to locals running for town council. I have been faux contacted by anyone and everyone who has seemingly anything to do with the political landscape. Do I really have to be subjected to all this noise?

I have an idea. Give me the home number of all the politicians who wish to address me. I will record my thoughts and robo call them (only during dinner of course) to give them chapter and verse on the issues that are of concern to me.

We don't want you to chase us into our homes. I don't need to be repeatedly reminded to vote. I don't appreciate the continuing interruption and quite honestly, no one else does.

So, next election, if you want my vote, don't harass me. Your campaign slogan should be ' Vote for me and I will leave you alone at dinner'. You can buy me with your silence.

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