Sunday, November 29, 2009

A New Low

I have circled this Wednesday on my calendar. On that day there is an event of potential historical significance that I hope to witness. However, it is not the best part of me that draws me in. The New Jersey Nets are in the process of beginning their season with the most consecutive losses in league history. Wednesday the record for futility is set to be established. It is being present at a train wreck that is my driving force.

Actually, if I appear at the arena that evening, it will be my second trip there in a few weeks. On a recent Tuesday, the radio spot advised that there were tickets available for that evening's game, both near and far from the court, for $10. This was too good to pass up. That night, as Richie and I approached the ticket booth, I asked hesitantly if there were actually tickets downstairs for the giveaway price advertised. Soon, I was holding 2 beauties in my hand. As Rich and I descended the steps, we moved ever and ever closer to the court, until we settled in the best of the $175 seats. The place was still virtually empty. It would not get much fuller for the balance of the night.

Even when this franchise presented a good product in times past, people stayed away. Now, with a hodge podge of ill fitting players, and a stated intention to relocate the team to Brooklyn as soon as the litigation ends and the construction moves forward, there is virtually no one interested. The possibility is substantial that this team could not seat a full house if they gave away all of the tickets.

There is an upside. The truth is that after spending a season attending Yankee games, it is refreshing to be able to leave your seat, get an ice cream, paid for with a $5 bill, get change, and be back watching before the time out is over. You feel like the people serving you need to strike up a conversation to combat the boredom and the loneliness.

Maybe there is another reason to become part of a cult group following this futile, lonely little team. The Knicks are a high priced disaster, so there are no better options in sight. Maybe on Wednesday I will actually root for this team. But not too hard, as I definitely am most interested in being able to say I was there at the coronation of the worst ever. While I may be far from perfect, this team may soon redefine just how far away from perfection is possible.


Bruce Egert said...

You acted on my idea before I had the chance. I knew that I could see an NBA game up front and close at the Byrne Arena (or whatever its name is now) due to the Nets terrible record. If I find the time in the future I will do as you did. Bravo.

Robert said...

Great minds, as they say...