Saturday, November 28, 2009

The new reality

As the bizarre world of reality TV introduces us to an ever expanding group of those who want us to watch them do whatever it is that they do, I want to throw these ideas out for consideration. (I looked no farther than today's newspaper for my inspiration):

1) Catch me if you can - Following the life of a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan as he decides whether to give up the cause for a 9 to 5 job.

2) Taking stock - The daily trials and tribulations of trading on the floor of the stock exchange

3) At war, 24/7 - A soldier's view in Iraq and Afghanistan

4) Shop til you drop - A store manager at one of the big malls reveals the secrets of the trade

5) I'm so excited, I'm uninvited - The life and times of serial gate crashers

6) Run - Following the secret lives of those trying to elude the FBI

7) Settling in - A construction worker on the West Bank wonders whether he should be looking for a new job

8) Off course - Airline pilots and their 'distractions' in and out of the air

9) First Amendment - How the choices of what is fit to print are determined

10) $ - A look at the dollar and what it really buys in the world of politics

11) Terror - The District Attorney, preparing for the trial to bring a terrorist to justice in New York

12) Don'tbai - A real estate salesman in Dubai thinks about a new career

13) Running on empty - An economist struggles to find a way to revive a failing economy

14) Temping - Once highly sought after, these individuals now find themselves willing to do what was once 'unthinkable' just to keep going.

15) In the Woods - Tiger, tiger and a world in which he must always burn bright.

16) Blogging for a living - We all have dreams, even me.

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Anonymous said...

You left out 2 articles that have a commonality. The German cabinet minister who resigned because of a lack of confidence in that his office tried to control the negative news about an attack in Afghanistan,as compared to the head of the Secret Service, who allowed uninvited guests to enter the White House, shake hands with the President, Vice-President and other U.S.leaders. Great job! He he will have an "investigation", as soon as he finishes his turkey dinner.