Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Keeps Me Busy-Ish

Hey, it's me, Richie Jay. Maybe you've been wondering where I've been. Maybe you haven't even noticed my absence, entranced as you are by my father's writing.

But if you have been curious, here's what I've been up to: Word on the Slopes!

Ski Butternut, the mountain where I grew up, taught ski school, and where my mom still works on patrol, wanted to start up a blog, so I stepped in and offered my expertise. About half of the blog posts are Butternut-specific, but the other half are general interest stories about winter sports in general. With the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics coming up, I hope to post some of the best highlights on that blog. (I've already written a post full of links for Olympic junkies, and I'll be adding some video clips of the Winter X Games shortly.)

So, while you're spending time at work reading my dad's blog, waste a little more company time on my latest endeavor, if you please. Word on the Slopes: The Ski Butternut Blog.


Anonymous said...

good luck Ritchie. Ted

Jeff Chaus said...

Can't wait to read your blogs. Good luck !!