Thursday, February 18, 2010

Government by Emergency

The problem with the analysis of Nicholas Kristof ( Do We Really want Status Quo on Health Care?) is that he fails to comprehend the central theme that seems to pervade our political landscape today : GOVERN BY EMERGENCY ONLY.

While Mr. Kristof speaks of the doom and gloom that lies ahead if our inertia continues, and compares the health care debacle to a runaway roller coaster, unless that roller coaster is in danger of crashing and burning TOMORROW, we seem unwilling or unable to stop it in its tracks.

The stimulus package was passed because, without it, we saw that we were headed over the cliff at any moment. Our life savings, and our entire economic underpinning, were seemingly hours from total collapse.

In contrast, one needs look only at the inconvenient truths of global warming. While the evidence of a mounting problem is overwhelming, there are no icebergs floating down the Hudson River. Thus, while Gore burns, we merely fiddle around.

We have reached a critical juncture in the governing of our country. If we have no vision, if we fail to see anything except what lays immediately in our path, we are in very deep trouble. While Mr. Kristof may notice the 800 pound sick elephant in the room, to many others it is just a figment of his imagination.


David B said...

Kristof is the architect of "party of no" Has he and his conservatives no compassion for the 30-40- million uninsured? Everyone should read "The Healing of America" by TR Reid. We have a great system [ I know, because I use it} Medicare, which we got from Canada. It works, and we can implement it easily for our uninsured. This is a moral issue, and it is just unconscionable that we do not have a universal health care system, as does every other industrial country in the world.

Robert said...

I totally agree. I wrote about this very issue on Thanksgiving of last year (Trade-Offs), and this post was published, with certain modifications, in the NY Times.