Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Fair Lady

('Sarah Palin, Vocal and Ready... but for What?" _ NY Times, February 6, 2010)

She appeared on the stage raw, unpolished and virtually a parody of a politician. While many may have been laughing then, fewer are laughing now. We are witnessing the evolution of My Fair (and Balanced) Lady.

As the professors perform their magic, our former Mrs. Donelittle is being transformed. As her legion of assistants perform her due diligence, our heroine learns that "the pain in Spain is mainly failure to reign (in spending)".

No longer will she be intimidated or bullied by the intellectuals. When she emerges, much richer in dollars and in political knowledge, she may well be considered Mrs. Donealot even though the last important political step she took was walking away from her job in the middle of not doing very much.

Sarah Palin is a product of our imagination and the Republican machine. As the world of politics grow colder for one very smart President, who is to say what 2012 may bring? We love a story of reformation and triumph, of determination and drive. Rocky meets Eliza Doolittle. Much like Professor Higgins, we dismiss this creation at our own peril. Does anyone know the size of Cinderella's glass slipper?


Shelley Kaplan said...


Anonymous said...

The world of politics grows colder for one very smart campaigner, good at the teleprompter, a puppet of the democratic party machine who squandered his opportunity to lead because he's tone deaf to the voice of the American people and beholden to the special interests that propelled him from nowhere. He hasn't even heard the wake-up call from Massachusetts yet. He's managed to break every campaign promise and every pledge made while in office. He's failed miserably on foreign affairs and domestic security issues while piling up the largest deficits and wasteful spending in the history of the U.S.
If he'd have accomplished even half of our expectations or lived up to a fraction of the promise he boasted of, Sarah Palin wouldn't be running for dog catcher of Wasilia, or whereever she's from. He's making her look better and better every day.

Robert said...

That first paragraph captures the essence of the talking point nonsense that will be drummed into the head of Ms. Palin, and those listening to her, every single day.

And we wonder if her shelf life will expire.

Bruce Egert said...

Palin blamed Obama for allowing the Xmas bomber to board the plane; she also criticized him for making speeches in foreign lands. But how could Obama go to Holland to stop the bomber if he should not go to foreign lands? (Holland is a foreign land).

I am confused.

Bruce Egert said...

Palin blamed Obama for the huge deficits. But Bush took a 200 billion surplus and turned it into a 1.3 trillion deficit in 8 years by not paying for 2 wars, Rx plan, NCLB and unfunded tax cuts for the rich. Maybe Palin should be invited to the Dem convention. She seems to be more in line with Clinton than Bush

Col. Pickering said...

Only a total fool ( or Rahm retard? ) would underestimate the power of the "talking point nonsense" tipping the political scales while systematically sinking the ship of state.
In the likely event you missed it, Prof. Higgins had her say, and the liberal press aired it this morning: "In the war on terror we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law."
Liza dear, how right you are.

Robert said...

it's so good to hear from our conservative friend again.

Always refreshing to get those talking point comments into bite size morsels so Palin can spit them out.

It is good that the Republican administration did such a wonderful job in Iraq, chasing down weapons of mass destruction, or was it bringing democracy to the heathens, or whatever the latest and greatest of their rationales was for leading us down the path to nowhere in the mideast.

Alan Jay Lerner said...

It would be wise, and instructive, for you and your deaf, but not dumb, buddy President Barack Donothing ( except, of course, ramble on incessantly )to pay attention to the immortal words of Eliza Doolittle when she sings "SHOW ME."
It starts out with:
"Words words words I'm so sick of words..." and ends with a resounding SHOW ME!