Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Do you know one of the things I hate most about polls? They take away our leaders.

Among the dictionary definitions of lead are "to take somebody somewhere", "to show by going in advance", "to guide or direct, to act as commander, director".

David Brooks (Into the Mire) talks of diminished support for health care reform, stating "if you average the last 10 polls, 38 per cent of voters support the reform plans and 53 per cent oppose". Who cares? The truth is that virtually none of us understand the complexities involved and we have almost no ability to comprehend whether the overall proposal, or even one component, does more harm than good. Soundbites on the pros and cons of a particular component do not make us educated consumers. For politicians to 'rely' on these poll numbers when choosing a course of action, is ludicrous.

In matters as involved as health care reform, we need leaders to step forward. If you polled our elected officials, the one overriding truth virtually all would agree on, is that retaining the status quo of the health care system is not the solution. President Obama in announcing his version of a health care proposal, and in threatening to move forward without the Republicans if they fail to become partners, is exercising the role that is required and mandated of him.

Let this be the moment when the line is drawn in the sand, when politicians stop acting so much like politicians and start acting like leaders. Instead of being stuck in the 'mire', let this be the time when our elected officials get in the fray and come out with much needed health care reform. Put up or shut up.


Bruce Egert said...

Ever since the Poles looked to Lech Walesa as their leader; ever since they shrugged off the Russian bear and turned West; ever since they endorsed market economics; ever since.......wait........you mean Polls. Sorry. Never mind.

David B said...

What we need are STATESMEN, not politicians, not poles. The need for money to fuel the election of politicians has taken our system hostage.