Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reconciliation Because There Is No Reconciliation

Isn't there some wonderful irony here when the Democrats, bone-weary from chasing after non-existent Republican votes, now threaten to side-step the obstruction and move forward towards passage of a health care bill by way of a procedure commonly known as reconciliation?

It is reported that this procedure has been attempted on 22 occasions, 19 of them ultimately successful. From the George Bush tax cuts, to the tax cuts of Ronald Reagan, and welfare reform pushed by Newt Gingrich, this method of moving forward has been embraced by the Republican party as a legitimate way of getting things done in Washington. That is of course, unless it is used against them, when it suddenly becomes "the nuclear option". Government not of the people, or so it would be suggested.

Who knows where this will lead? Maybe it will all dissolve in a cloud of Democratic dust as the in- fighting in the party, and fear of negative repercussions with special interest groups who provide support in an election year, bring this process to a standstill. Maybe this is just a dying cause in its death throes. Or maybe, just maybe, until we figure out how to get around and past the mother of all parliamentary tricks, the filibuster, this will be the new business model for Obama and the Democrats.

All I understand is that having 41 people dictate to 59 people whether legislation will even be addressed and voted on, seems contrary to the concept of majority rule. If the Democrats are not truly a majority, but are splintered and unable to coalesce, let's find out.

Maybe, this will lead nowhere. But nowhere is familiar territory over the last year. Even a hint of somewhere is enticing.

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