Saturday, March 27, 2010

His Cup of Tea

John McCain had the Queen over for Tea yesterday. If Mr. Boehner wants to talk about Armageddon, he should look no further than this event. The disintegration of everything rational in Mr. McCain, and in the vision of the Republican party, is embodied in Sarah Palin's attempts to convince the gathered throng at the Pima County Fairgrounds outside of Tuscon that her former running mate is a staunch advocate of the Tea Party Movement.

In this frenzied moment in time, Mr. McCain has decided to cast his lot with whatever devil will save his political life. If that means publicly announcing that he will refuse to cooperate with the administration for the rest of the year, if it means abandoning any semblance of balance in his thought and deed, so be it. He has decided, and the party has made a conscious decision, that there is no such thing as being too conservative.

What better person to align himself with than the "I can do more good by leaving office than staying" unofficial head of the movement to take government out of government. It is ironic that this fumbling, bumbling, stumbling parody of a politician is now able to lead, not follow. How strange it must seem for the Senator from Arizona to come hat in hand to the person for whom he clearly had so little regard in the fall of 2008. Ms. Palin most assuredly was one of the reasons the White House eluded McCain's grasp. Now, he is hoping her support allows him to hold onto his career a little while longer. It is a sad commentary for Senator McCain and for the Republican party that this is so.



Bruce Egert said...

I call her the Red Zinger. Red for Republican red; Zinger for....eh......zinger. McCain abrogated everything he said during and after the campaign. He is in self-preservation mode to fight against JD Haynes who lost his house seat to a Democrat when it was revealed that Jack Abramoff illegally gave him a lot of 'gifts' from the K Street projects. Tea party means "toss everthing aside"--humility, legitimacy, patriotism, two party system, decorum and cooperation.

Robert said...

sad moments in our political history- we always tend to think that whatever is happening in this instant is different from what went on before- often that is not the case- this time I think it really is