Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you, Scott Brown

Thank you Scott Brown. You, it appears, were the catalyst for the historic vote that took place in the House of Representatives yesterday. You sir, are the principal reason that this nation is one signature away from health care reform.

On that day when the seat that formerly was the personal prize of Edward Kennedy fell into the hands of the Republican party, it seemed that a new low point had been established. No longer did the Democrats hold the 60th vote in their pocket. It was at that time, at that very time when the Republican party was most energized, and the Democrats most discouraged, that the dying patient sat up, looked around, clapped his hands together and decided to do what was needed to get healthy.

After Brown's election, we found the President we had been waiting for. For almost exactly one year, from that historic night, when where ever we were in body, we were in spirit cheering on Obama in Chicago, we were in a slow death spiral. We watched as a President who had been so decisive and so compelling before his election, seemed after to be anything but that. Yet, after 60 became 59, our President emerged. He found a toughness that had previously eluded him. He found his voice.

After Brown's victory but even before he was sworn in, the President met with gathered Republican leadership in a televised discussion. He was clear, direct and demanding. The man who seemed so willing to compromise anything and almost everything in an effort to reach his goal, was no longer interested in talking or listening to those who intended only to bring him down.

He instead, turned his focus on his own. He would make this happen, he would make this happen, he would make this happen. He was nearing the finish line, and he was getting stronger, not weaker. Inevitably, as the last days demonstrated, he would will this legislation into existence.

So, to Scott Brown, this nation owes you a debt of gratitude. It is on your shoulders that the new health care legislation rests. You should sleep tight tonight knowing that in the next day or 2, this country will have signed into law a profound bill, helping bring dignity and some hope to millions of Americans who have been cast aside and forgotten by your party. Job well done, Scotty, job well done.


Anonymous said...

An excellent and lucid point by Nussbaum

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Now that's an essay for The Times!