Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Times, Bad Numbers

David Brooks, "The Government War"chastises the Democratic party for what he calls a "federal onslaught" on this country. He points to the falling numbers of liberals and the diminishing popularity of the party as sure indications that the Democrats are tone deaf and on the wrong path. I disagree.

The continuing downturn in the economy and its devastating impact on so many of us, controls the mindset of the nation."It's the economy stupid" has no less relevance today than when those words were first uttered. I believe that Mr. Brooks is looking at the wrong chicken and egg when he suggests that the insistence on attacking the course of enormous issues like health care and financial reform with some government oversight make this a 'disappointing time'.

With economies on the precipice not only here but on a global scale, parties in power in countries throughout the world, are vulnerable and unpopular. It is hard to look good in bad times. That, Mr. Brooks, is the real message behind the numbers.

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