Monday, April 5, 2010


My children are a little concerned. Maybe more than a little.

I have decided to come Face to Face with the 21st century. I have now become a member of Facebook. Quite honestly, I don't even know the language associated with this site, and how to navigate through its waters is purely foreign to me.

You have to understand that, to me, Iphone means you just picked up the receiver to make a call. I have no pictures, no symbols, no games or photos on my Samsung phone. I am not quite certain how to store phone numbers and the only time the phone camera works is when it accidentally goes off in my pocket.

I use a computer for its most basic elements. I can email and I can write my blog, thanks to Richie making it idiot proof (well almost idiot proof, as I have posted on several occasions on the wrong blog site). If I were Columbus, this would still be a pristine country, with foreign intruders being only in storybooks. I am not, by nature an explorer.

Thus, the fear is that with this expansion of my communication horizons will come errors of either omission or commission. I may go where no man has gone before and not even know I have been there. I may wander in and out of sites, get onto your 'wall' (whatever that may be) or find myself 'friending' everyone or no one. I may block you, or let you in, without intending to do so. I may be part of a communication I did not know I was part of, or be speaking to no one while I intended to converse. There is absolutely no way I will figure out how to post any photos, and whatever else the rest of you in this world do I will only do because sometimes even a monkey gets it right.

I have told my children I will try to do this alone. I spend way too much time at the computer staring at a problem that seems to be beyond solution. My instinct has always been to get Richie involved. My brain shuts off while he maneuvers through what, to me, is an endless maze. No more, not with Facebook.

I promise to take it slowly. I am actually fearful of where I might find myself at any moment. Thus I will be more than careful.I will actually try to read the directions and instructions before I make the next move. I am hopeful that my brain will permit me to learn something new, something in the present tense. However, if you see what appear to be random events popping in and out of your Facebook page, if a comment appears and suddenly is gone, don't be concerned or perturbed. It is only me trying to come Face to Face with my limitations.


Unknown said...

We appreciate the disclaimer. Thanks, dad.

I wish you the best of luck on your new, 21st century, adventure.

Robert said...

I will tread lightly

Unknown said...

I think there should be an "I have a parent on facebook" support group. Maybe Richie and Alex can start one with me...

Robert said...

I am sure you mean that in a loving way.