Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Goal for Rangers, An Assist from Writer

I know that the Rangers are making a late season rush to the playoffs, but unless they have reinvented the rules, I believe there was an error in your article about their latest victory ("Late Rally Lifts Rangers Closer to Playoff Spot").

The National Hockey awards 2 points for winning a game and 1 point for losing a game either in overtime or a shootout. The article indicated that the Rangers had now accumulated 13 points in their last 6 games with their latest victory. I am a fan of the team, but even I can't figure out a way to make this possible.

Thanks for trying to make it easier for the Rangers to succeed, but next time you might want to give addition and multiplication tests to those writing on mathematical matters.

PS- Strike 2- I read your in-box letters section and the lament of one of your readers over the possibility of expanding the NCAA post-season basketball tournament by 41 teams from 65 to 96 next year. Let's see, 6 take away 5 is 1, 9 take away 6 (well, you get the point). A little more diligence, please.

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Anonymous said...

Good catch! They had it right until now, 9 points in 5 games. The Rangers could certainly use those 2 extra points to make it 13 in 6 games.