Sunday, April 18, 2010

Morally bankrupt

Tea Party Supporters Are Doing Fine But Are Angry Nonetheless- (New York Times, April 18)

I find it appalling that there is even an implied recognition in this headline of some legitimacy to Tea Partiers because, per the results of a recent poll, their members are wealthier and better educated than the general public. The underlying theory, that because they don't fit our pre-conceived notion of who they are, these people are necessarily taking a stance based on something right and compelling, is inaccurate and misleading.

Their putative leader went to numerous colleges before graduating and is now making several million each month fueling the fires and telling her listening audience not to retreat but to reload. So much for the effects of schooling and money.

These are people who preach anti-intellectualism. Their positions rely not on the mind but on the gut. Education does not equate with curiosity and comprehension. Wealth does not equate with compassion At its core this is a group of seriously flawed, limited individuals. Neither a college degree nor a few bucks in the pocket can change that.

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Bruce Egert said...

Why is everyone angry? Why are Tea Party members whiny, kvetchy and cry babies? Where were the tea partiers when Bush squandered the surplus and spent us into oblivion? Are Tea Partiers as mad about the 'unitary' president theory and unlawful surveillance as they are about wanting to take our country back?

Are there any non-white people in the Tea Party movement?