Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Tea Party

They gathered round to hear the words
They shouted in firm accord
They rose as one, emotions stirred
They would not be ignored

They all came for the party
They all came to drink the tea
They all came for the party
They would not let it be

The light in the white house had gone out
To them it was black and white
1600 left no doubt
Day had turned to night

They drank the brew without thought
Its poison filled their head
They longed for battles to be fought
All reason left for dead

Their leader looked familiar
We had heard that voice before
She was that lady moose killer
Who had walked out Alaska's door

Get the man out of my pocket
Shouted one on social security
Let health care die, just fock it,
Said one with medicaid guaranteed

Patriots all, the tried and true
Patriots all red white and blue
No more immigrants, that they knew
Seal the borders, we want our due

They raise their glass, a message sent
For all the land to hear
To shut up and shut down government
And fill the land with fear

Is this what a party is meant to be
Is this the best we can do
Is this from sea to shining sea
Is this the land of the few

So end the party
All go home
We've had enough of you
End the party
And go home
No tea, no more, you're through

1 comment:

mickey said...

how appropriate-on Patriots day and April is poetry month!