Saturday, April 3, 2010


"White House Calls Karzai Speech "Troubling" (Peter Baker, New York Times Caucus Blog, April 2, 2010)

"Why are we helping this man?" The question raised seems wholly appropriate when President Karzai finds that the actions of America have created "a knot in our heart: our dignity and bravery has been damaged and stepped on". In contrast to his open disdain for our country, he has recently been courting favor with China and Iran.

Our years in the mideast have been marked by what seems like an unending attempt to convince ourselves as to our mission and our goals. We came to the region under an illusion, our efforts have been rife with confusion, and our vision seems marred by delusion.

It is more than time that we take a good hard look at where this is all taking us. Let us for once, not predicate our policies on imagination but on reality. The words of President Karzai, should serve as stern warning. We continue to drain our resources, both economic and emotional, as we shed blood and dollars in support of a ruler who will let us do his bidding but considers us no more than invaders. Tell me again, why are we helping this man?

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