Saturday, May 29, 2010

Deepwater Still Runs

As we move deep into the second month of the Deepwater disaster, we watch with increasing horror. It is as though we are witnessing the sins of the industry washing up not just on our shores, but on us. We are like wildlife in its path, being covered, head to toe, with slime. It makes it hard for us to breathe, and endangers our way of life.

The worst part of what has occurred is the feeling of helplessness to eradicate the problems that continue to move relentlessly forward. Can anyone suggest that the financial giants, whether they control the flow of money on Wall Street, or the flow of oil in the Gulf, are going to fade from power? While we spout words of anger and condemnation, they serve only as dispersants on the surface. Underneath we know that there are massive plumes that remain unaffected.

We have a government that appears capable of only being reactive to the problems that come pouring out. Following an era of deregulation and lack of oversight, we are now trying to reign in the lords of industry with tires and mud. One day soon we hope that a solution to this latest crisis emerges. But, while we may cement over the well, and breathe easier for the moment, we still sense that the next eruption may come gushing forth without warning.

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