Saturday, May 1, 2010

Glory Days

and so the conversation continued. Much as we had 30 years ago, 6 of us huddled around the table, all telling tales to amuse and involve. But boy, how the stories have changed.

No longer were there fables of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Now there were joking references to bedtime stories, the only drugs were the ones being used to try to lessen the aches and pains, and the rock and roll was being performed by our children at ungodly hours. Life does require adjustments.

and adjustments were what the evening was really about. We had all, some more than others, felt the sting of the last few years. Expectations met realities that cared not at all about should have been. It was how to adjust to the 'is' that was the challenge that had to be faced. how not to be defined by the circumstances of the present.

It was the men in the group who dominated the conversation, because we needed to. I took on the role of philosophical guru, dispensing positive platitudes that I want to believe are self-evident truths. There can be a fine line between Buddhist and Bullshit. I am not sure where my mantra falls.

and so this evening, as all others, came to an end. It was really one where, as 30 years ago, laughter and smiles dominated. This is just a moment where the permutations of existence cast a shadow. Tomorrow, the shadows may be gone, and we will all be gathering once more, laughing and telling tales of new glory days.


Anonymous said...

Sweet :) jac

RE said...

so well said, as usual. You are the Buddha, albeit a skinny one.

Robert said...

thank you to those who shared the evening and now shared their comments.

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