Friday, May 7, 2010

Hail, Locust and Boils

It has the feel of the 10 plagues that descended on Egypt. That biblical tale spoke of horrors inflicted, including hail mixing with fire and of water turning to blood killing all the fish and wild life. Today's story is of spewing ash from volcanoes and of massive oil spills that threaten everything in its wake. While the Torah spoke of the Angel of death passing through Egypt killing first-borns, we almost came face to face with a very human version in Times Square this week.

When these calamaties, man-made or not, are accompanied by the probability of imminent financial collapse in Greece and the possibility of economic ruin spreading through much of Europe, we are left in a state of very heightened anxiety. It is no wonder then that we witnessed 16 minutes of sheer panic in the stock market yesterday, propelled it seems by one errant press of a button. Having trust in anything, least of all the stock market, requires a faith that is today in very short supply. One misguided finger is all it took to push us over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Well said, as usual Robert!

Robert said...

thank you very much, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous