Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Memories I Never Had

If my Dad had not died almost 32 years ago, but was still alive today, he most certainly would have:

1. Given my Mom a good morning kiss over 11,000 times more.
2. Given my Mom a good night kiss over 11,000 times more.
3. Held 3 more grandchildren in his arms.
4. Changed dirty diapers, read bedtime stories and been there in every moment that mattered in all our lives.
5. Marveled at the athletic prowess of his grandchildren and never connected the dots back to himself.
6. Marveled at the academic achievements of his grandchildren and never connected the dots back to himself.
7. Continued to provide the best legal services any client could hope for, while always being concerned that he wasn't doing enough.
8. Retired on his terms, at the time of his choosing, and turned over a lifetime of goodwill and good work to his son, to carry on.
9. Been amazed at how well his daughter had managed life, with warmth, grace, dignity and class, and never connected the dots back to himself.
10. Broken 80 at least a few more times, and maybe gotten that first hole in one.
11. Searched for berries in the woods and always come out with a smile and a reward for his efforts
12. Moved to Florida in the winters to be with friends, but never to be more than a plane ride or a phone call away from family.
13. Body surfed in the waves with his children and grandchildren.
14. Read voraciously.
15. Mastered the web.
16. Become a great bridge player, or a great writer, or been great in anything and everything he devoted his attention to.
17. Guided all of us with his words and with his deeds.
18. Never considered himself exceptional.
19. Never been anything less than exceptional.
20. Gotten sick, but then gotten better.
21. Watched in sadness as many of his friends passed away
22. Worried about my Mom.
23. Walked my Mom through the maze from which she now finds no way out
24. Been here.
25. But he's not. And for that, our lives will always be diminished.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. We all miss you in more ways than we can count.



Alexandra said...

once again, you've managed to make me cry.

happy father's day, dad.

Pam said...

Awww, I remember him well. He would have been very proud of you!

nancy Leeds said...

made me cry too alex.