Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Wishes

His wife asked me to do it. I felt it was my duty to comply. After all, she or one of those closest to her husband had been emailing me every few weeks to thank me for my friendship. I was being asked to celebrate her husband's birthday by sending him a note of congratulations. It had been a tough year for him and he needed to know I was there.

I wrote to him about perseverance. I told him that better days lay ahead. I tried to be encouraging and funny at the same time. At one time or another, many of us have been placed in a similar situation. You hope your words will have some positive effect.

Today I got an invitation to a party in his honor. I am not even sure I will attend. Even though the birthday boy is having trouble making ends meet, I don't what I could bring that would be a meaningful present.

If I do go, I will only stay a little while. I will end up in conversation with people who don't really care what I have to say. I will search the room for familiar faces, without success.

Barack Obama turns 49 on August 4. I hope he smiles when he reads my birthday card to him. I am surprised he has not responded yet, but I guess he will get to it soon. Happy birthday, my good friend (at least that's what Michelle tells me we are).

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