Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dance

Now class, everyone line up. Today, you will learn the steps that hold the key to your future success.

First step - Lean far to the right, open your mouth and prevaricate
Second step - Repeat step one, but add a spin and be sure not only to prevaricate but to obfuscate
Third step - Saunter, strut and pontificate
Fourth step - Begin to yell and stamp your feet, and always exaggerate
Fifth step - Continue to gesticulate, while now running like a raging bull, pinning those on the left directly against the wall
Sixth step - With fire in your eyes, agitate, as those on the left do the squirm
Seventh step - Turn yourself around and reinvigorate, if your prevarication, obfuscation, pontification, exaggeration, gesticulation and agitation lose their momentum
Eighth step - Run circles around those on the left, slowly causing them to disintegrate
Ninth step - Rest, and self congratulate as those on the left trip over their feet, trying to get out of their own way

Repeat over and over until the dance becomes one continuous flow- Perpetuate, be obdurate and never vacillate

You are a natural at the dance of the right, by the right and for the right.


PickleBiz said...

rather cynical this morning...what brought this on??

Robert said...

The unfolding events of this week, where the machine spits outs black and white lies, creating a black and white problem for the administration, in which the administration overreacted and then the machine chastised the administration for believing the lies.

There is an offensive offensive that is a daily attack for which those in opposition seemingly have no defense. It is the dance in which the democrats always seem to trip over their own feet.