Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As we watch and wonder, as we await the television special devoted to the man and his decision, we are in the vortex of LEBRON. Our lexicon demands tributes to this phenomenon. Following, are some possibilities:

'Lebronite' - a fawning, synchophantic follower; a worshiper; an idolizer; one consumed by the greatness of another.

'Lebronned' - to be overwhelmed by the possibility of gaining financial benefits on the back of another - see the video by the mayors of Cleveland and New York as examples of this ridiculous hyperbolic attempt to capture the economic capital known as LEBRON

'Lebron , the billionaire' - a board game in which the protagonist moves around the country seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream to be richer than the entire community in which he settles- if the protagonist can do this in New York City he automatically wins the game

'Lebronzed' - to be immortalized during your time

'Lebronican' - a political movement to name an athlete governor of your state upon signing of his contract

'Lebron time' - whatever time Lebron says it is

'Lebron, Florida; Lebron, Ohio; Lebron, Illinois; Lebron, New York' - 1 right and 3 wrong

This is worse than the buildup to awarding a city the rights to host the Super Bowl or the Olympics. When the decision is rendered, it will appear that the fate of the winner and the losers will be forever sealed. Elation or depression. To be a lover or a hater of everything Lebron. All in the blink of Lebron's eyes.

'Lebronatronics' - The world according to Lebron (stay tuned)


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