Sunday, July 4, 2010

things to remember

when attending a James Taylor, Carole King concert at Tanglewood on a July 4th weekend.

1. drive over at least 4 days in advance to secure the best parking spot and best spot on 'the lawn'.
2. hire a sherpa with a donkey to carry the chairs, tarps and food supplies you need for the evening
3. bring "War and Peace" so you have some reading material before the concert starts
4. anticipate your little patch of earth becoming a main thoroughfare for 20,000 travelers
5. don't drink any water or other beverage for at least 3 days before the concert so you don't have to use the facilities
6. no one is sitting next to the garbage dumps for a reason
7. don't eat very much for the week before, as you will consume enough calories to hold you through the next week
8. don't make arrangements to meet by the third big tree from the left
9. the crowd's most likely drug of choice is not marijuana but Pepcid AC
10. as much as you consider your voice the equal of either of the performers, no one is there to hear you,

1. you are in one of the most beautiful venues you will ever find
2. it is a wonderful evening
3. you are sitting with the people who mean the most in the world to you
4. everyone is smiling; everyone is happy
5. there are babies, and young children, older children, young parents, young grandparents here and they are all in your group
6. you love this music
7. you have almost no rhythm, and you don't really care
8. you should be getting to your car before the last encore but you won't be
9. you are more relaxed then you have been in weeks
10.you will be coming back next year if your luck, and James Taylor hold out


rob said...

We saw them at Madison Square Garden, so we didn't need the donkey or the sherpa. The concert was fantastic and an unforgettable performance, but i can only imagine how nice the venue was in the Berkshires! It must have been great, even with your singing.
all the best,

Robert said...

it was great, despite my singing.

It is an experience, and a yearly centerpiece of the Berkshire summer. Maybe we will get you up for next year's event.