Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As we continue past the first decade of the new millennium and lurch forward, we are confronted with the ongoing question mark called Afghanistan. Revelations that Pakistan appears to be hedging its bets, working both for and against us in Afghanistan, merely adds to our confusion and consternation.

The only certainties about this war are death and taxes. Everything else seems just some amorphous blob.

For those looking to find reasons to abandon this long and, to the present, futile effort, there is now one more justification for suggesting that we pack up and head home.

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Anonymous said...

Pick up and head home? What a great idea...whenever we do leave, the tribes will reemerge, and fight over the oil and land, again. So let's save our soldiers lives and our money. Did anyone ever think that this long war is designed by the Taliban to bring us down, just as the previous war brought down the USSR ??