Friday, August 20, 2010

In Word and Deed

I give my unequivocal support to the vigorous criminal pursuit of Roger Clemens. Anyone who has the audacity to appear before the Congress of the United States and be less than totally candid and forthright should be prepared to face the consequences. Is there anything more crucial to the preservation of our democracy than making certain that those who speak to the members of the House and Senate tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God? What would we have left to believe in if those coming forward in this hallowed institution were allowed to misspeak and misrepresent in furtherance of some personal agenda?

The real truth is that while we so feverishly chase after Mr.Clemens for his words uttered under oath before Congress, we turn a blind eye each day to the many members of these chambers who abuse the rights and privileges of their office. The Halls are filled with those who trade votes for some political advantage, who line personal or political coffers in exchange for favors.

We should focus not on lies, but on lies with real consequences. When talk of fictitious "death panels" is made to try to assure continued viability of the giants of insurance, when environmental needs get buried underneath a mountain of oil, when we watch the shape of our nation being changed by those whose ethics are for sale, then we should indeed be moved to act forcefully.

If we want to do this right, instead of focusing our time, energy and resources on baseball players who fib about how they were able to hit a ball so far or throw one so hard, we should instead do everything in our capabilities to assure the purity of word and deed of those now sitting as our surrogates to serve and protect us. Let's be relentless advocates of our fundamental right to a government run by the people and for the people.


Anonymous said...

The criminal law is constructed to deter conduct- lying under oath is one of those things. Deterrence can be specific or general. General deterrence works best when the person nabbed is famous.Clemens was not singled out because he was a baseball player, but because he was a very very famous one. Ted

Anonymous said...

I remember when the 3 CEO's of Big Tobacco testified before Congress that tobacco did NOT cause cancer, when in fact, they had for years had information that it did cause cancer and they had been suppressing that information. And what happened to these Charlatans? They got bigger and bigger subsides for their companies. And nice big bonuses too. Nice work Congress !!