Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning Hatred

If all those who have so vigorously opposed the lower Manhattan Islamic cultural center were surprised, they shouldn't have been. If reports of violence aimed at various mosques around the country didn't give you a sign, they should have. If you think the threatened burning of the Koran is not a natural outgrowth of the venom that has spewed forth, think again. This contemplated "YouTube" moment on September 11 is brought to you not by one nut job, but by the pervasive atmosphere that foments our intolerance, that fosters hatred and fear and that leads to extremists making dangerous statements with potentially severe and tragic consequences.

If all those who questioned whether President Obama was a Muslim think this is not an outgrowth of that moment, then take a deep breath and follow the dots. To all those who blame our problems on the illegal immigrants, on the gays, on the Jews or on the Muslims, as easy scapegoats, understand that yours is a path that ends at the front door of the Koran burning ceremony. If bigotry is an accepted part of your psyche, and tough times are a basis to assign blame for everything that has seemingly gone wrong, then you are in a world where reason is in short supply. You are in that world where all Muslims are "of the devil."

For those in leadership roles who have been so vocal in support of our troops but now stand mute on this most egregious of contemplated acts, know that your silence is putting those troops in even greater danger.

September 11th has served as an excuse for so many bad choices over the past 9 years. It has given a green light for the unthinking to despise not 19 men but an entire religion and to believe that we can divide and somehow grow stronger. In so doing, it has allowed some to look for the worst in others and has brought out the worst in some of us. It has given us Terry Jones.


Bruce Egert said...

Yes; it is a small fringe group but, fortunately, leaders of all faiths have banded together to repudiate this reprehensible act. And, the Tallahassee Fire Department will be on hand with all of its fire trucks to douse the flames if ignited.

If a Koran can be burnt in 2010 in America with impunity, it will not be long before a Torah Scroll and a King James bible are as well, not to mention thousands of American flags.

Anonymous said...

Rob...one of your best editorials.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Nazi inspired hatred of 75 years ago.

Good writing.