Monday, October 25, 2010

The Chasm

"Falling Into the Chasm" captures, in one sentence, the essence of what is transpiring in front of our eyes, but what we refuse to see: "voters respond to facts, not counterfactuals, and the perception is that the administration's policies have failed".

It matters not to people who are hurting, that they would be hurting worse if the Republican party had been in charge of trying to dig us out of this economic hole. The Democrats for a variety of reasons, principal among them the Republican desire to see their policies fail, have clearly not taken the bold initiatives required to get our economic engine restarted. But the "why", and the "what could have been" are irrelevant. What "is" is ugly and as a result, what will be come the first Tuesday in November, is bound to be very ugly indeed for the Democratic party


Bruce Egert said...

It is chilling to hear a leading economist conclude his column with a prediction that we will hit "rock bottom"; that unemployment will get worse; that we will have more of a two tiered have/have not society.

We are not a very mature or sophisticated nation. We solve our problems by returning to our abusers--the GOP which got us into this mess in the 00s with Bush/Cheney politicizing the fight against terror, running two wars with deficit spending and refusing to believe in evolution or global climate change.

Robert said...

all very true, but all require contemplation and thought. This election is about neither of those things, but only about impulsive reaction.