Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It is the smugness that is so hard to accept. He sits there, seemingly carefree, suggesting that we have been the ones who were wrong all along. This man is really ground zero for so many of the calamities that weigh on us so heavily. Yet here he comes almost dancing into our living rooms, not asking or seeking forgiveness. Ready or not, W is back.

From Matt to Oprah and everywhere in between, we will once again be face to face with the man who redefined the Peter principle. How were we unable to stop him somewhere along his journey to destruction, to tell him that enough was enough, and he should be more than satisfied with having done badly as president of a baseball team, or being governor of the Longhorn state?

Now he asks that we join him once more, so we can decide, based on his words, whether what we witnessed over 8 years didn't really happen the way it really happened.

Riding on the wave of recent mid-term successes, where the problems that he laid in the lap of his successor, now somehow become problems created by his successor, W. strides forth. We can almost see the cowboy hat tipped upward and the 6 shooter being unholstered. For this man who left under cover of darkness, ignored or reviled, it is a new day.

Is there a benefit in studying the mind of one who could create wrongs that did not exist but then demanded righting, who could propel economic policies to the edge of the precipice, who could diminish the value of human freedoms and then be so comfortable in where he has taken us? Can we learn from someone who can justify so much based on so little? For me, reading "Decision Points" would be, in a word, pointless.


Bruce Egert said...

Originally Bush was supposed to go on vacation a lot as president. 911 interuppted these plans and he never got over it. He admits that the right wing nut jobs sold him a 'bill of goods' on the war in Iraq; that Cheney barked orders to him; that he was way in over his head. It's too bad he didn't listen to his father's advisors a bit. But, when you're from Texas, anything is probable.

Robert said...

he didn't go on vacation enough.