Saturday, November 6, 2010

Suspended Disbelief

"Good evening, America. This is Keith Olbermann. For all of you who may be wondering, I am not Walter Cronkite. Mr. Cronkite died July 17, 2009."

Mr. Olbermann is now required to stand in the corner of the room with a dunce cap on, being reprimanded by the principal for practicing what he preaches.

With the advent of cable television, we have been inundated and suffocated with subjectivity. We have long since left behind the world of separation of personal and on-air opinions . While Mr. Olbermann is the loudest, and sometimes most bombastic voice of liberal views and causes on MSNBC, he is but one among many, on stations up and down the "dial", who attack relentlessly.

Journalistic integrity is no longer equal to emotional, or financial, distance from those about whom you "report". What we now watch every day and night is a forum for comment pieces barely masquerading as news.

We know all too well the abuses of the system by those on the right. Fox News has eradicated the lines between the world outside, and the universe within the confines of their studios. Many of those who project themselves as candidates for the Republican party nomination for president in 2012, now are paid handsomely by this network to "act" as commentators.

While once and future kings and queens get unfettered access into our homes to solidify their positions and their base, MSNBC places Mr. Olbermann on the disabled list for having the audacity to give relatively minor monetary support to three candidates, two of whom only he and a few other select people in the world even knew about.

This is a world where the Supreme Court has decried that major political contributions can be made without a face attached to them. While billionaires can go about their business of reshaping our political landscape without fear of reprisal for failure to disclose that they are pulling the strings, Mr. Olbermann's actions are denounced and punished.

If MSNBC, or Comcast, in talks to take over this station, wants Mr. Olbermann to morph into Mr. Cronkite, give him fair warning and let him choose his destiny. For now, apologize profusely and put him back on the air immediately. And put the dunce cap on your head.


Anonymous said...

What, it is okay for Fox news to give 2 million to GOP,
and it is okay to have Rove working for Fox and the GOP at the same time??

MSNBC should stand in the corner for not supporting the Dems in a more partisan way.

Robert said...

What's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander