Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Weather Report (a/k/a The Political Climate)

2 years ago I was so comfortable.

Though it was late fall, all of nature seemed in harmony, every color was brighter, every breath was purer.

While the sun is shining this morning, the cold is piercing. The leaves are withering and dying. There is a starkness that was not there yesterday.

On my way to work, I will enter the room, confirm my identity, push the buttons and disappear into the rest of my day. I will walk out with my disappointment and my disillusion. They will not protect me against the elements.

Winter will soon be upon us. I will dress as warmly as I can, try to shelter myself from its effects. No matter how much I would wish the harshness away, it will remain until it's time has passed. I must accept that and move on.

For every person like me, there is another who today feels renewed and validated, who sees beauty where I now see nothing. All I understand is that the seasons do eventually come and go. Everything beyond that is unclear.

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Anonymous said...

That is why I just voted. Ted