Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Battlefield

As we survey the battlefield, the destruction seems overwhelming. The stimulus package, weak and broken up to begin with, now lays almost motionless and broken down. Financial regulation, emasculated even as it emerged, has been cast aside like an annoying bug, and its opponents stand on top of the carcass, unscathed and unaffected. Health care reform almost died in childbirth and now breathes weakly, hoping it can survive future surgery. Now, to the rubble, we add the promised end of the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy and the reincarnation of a meaningful estate tax. As our economy wobbles, barely able to stand, the carnage escalates. War is ugly, and this war has left most of our country bloodied and beaten.


Anonymous said...

agree 100% we are in for destruction.

Robert said...

it is so strange, because someone this morning talked with me about my essentially updating "Eve of Destruction"