Monday, December 20, 2010

Eagles 38 - Giants 31

This one had to be described with adjectives and adverbs as nouns and verbs alone would not do it justice.

This one happened so quickly that it was virtually more than my mind could absorb.

This one almost made me pull the car to the side of the road.

This one was the reason that statistics were invented.

This one led to incarcerations.

This one created babies.

This one hurt all over.

This one could have been the one.


Bruce Egert said...

Yesterday, on a cold and snow flurried day in western Pennsylvania, the NY Jets showed that they still have resolve, determination and the ability to hang in and defeat one of the best teams in football. It came down to the last 2 seconds, but the Jets stayed strong and won. A rare safety saved the day along with a defense that bent but did not break. Most of all--Jet SPECIAL TEAMS played great--including a game opening 97 yard TD by Brad Smith and a marvelous PUNTING GAME. Sometimes it all comes down to punts.

Robert said...

I understand that there is exciting, there is even critical, but yesterday was about epic.

Yes, the Jet win was special, but the Giant loss was SPECIAL

PickleBiz said...

Have you ever been really enjoying a meal, savoring the moment, immersed in the delight of the bounty you are receiving, and all the sudden you are overcome with unstoppable urge to vomit? This game was the perfect parallel. IN MY LIFE! Epic, historic, monumental, words just can't do it justice.

Robert said...

For those of us who were at the 1978 FUMBLE, we all thought we had been witness to the most memorable Giants- Eagle game that would be played in our lifetime. We were wrong.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i was at the game.
3.5 hours of joy. 7 minutes of hell.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to read this!


Unknown said...

Creating babies in this household!!! Enjoying every minute of this. Did you see the 2 minute bit costas did on sunday night football about philadelphia sports domination last week with clips of cliff lee dawning a phils jersey (again), the flyers dominating the rangers (and the rest of the nhl right now for that matter), and michael vick and desean jackson engineering the "great escape"? I know,I know..I only have one championship to my credit with over 100 seasons of sports watching, but the chances seem good this coming year. And I know the eagles d stinks, but who needs d with dog killers and goal line bastards running the offense.

Robert said...

I did not see the Costas piece but 'great minds' must think alike because I almost wrote a post on the week that wasn't for 'old-time' NY sports fans of the Yankees, Knicks, Giants (and I guess I would have to throw in the Rangers). There was the flight of Cliff Lee, the Knicks heartbreaker to Boston, followed by the Miami storm and the not so Cavaliers, the Rangers beat down by the Broad Street Bullies and finally, the piece de resistance to be forever remembered as the Meadowlands meltdown. It would have been a good week to be on vacation in a place where there was no access to the outside world.

And I wasn't necessarily referencing your particular household when I mentioned the act of creation.

Unknown said...

For the record, I am unaware of any babies that were made post-game in this household.

Robert said...

Now that would have to qualify for the TMI award of the year