Friday, December 3, 2010


David Brooks' "Vision" is not a dream, but a pure fantasy. It is a suggestion to the President to once more be swayed to abandon his core belief based on a promise that tomorrow will be a different day. Republicans, in the world according to Brooks, are thisclose to being your partners in moving this country forward.

We have been taught,over and over, by word and deed, that these parties will not be joining hands during the upcoming term. The Bush tax rates for all will shortly be extended, not because this will lead to a land of milk and honey but only as a means to the end of trying to allow any governing to occur during this lame duck session of Congress. It is not a dream, but an endless nightmare of obstructionism that will spur the Democrats to once more fail to draw a line in the sand.

We should not be fooled by the vision of Mr. Brooks. It is but a mirage.


Bruce Egert said...

But I cannot dismiss Krugman's contention that this is political naivete on Obama's part (to think that accommodation would work) and that it looks to the outside that Obama is a political appeaser unwilling to fight for his platform, i.e.: public option on health care (which he campaigned on), allowing Bush era tax cuts to expire by their terms on the wealthy, his equivocal approach to Don't Ask...Don't Tell, etc.

PickleBiz said...

I agree with Bruce...I'd like to see Obama, (who I really believe has {had?} a workable vision for the direction of the country) finally take the gloves off; he needs to get bothered enough to take his case, in primetime, steam emmiting from each ear, to the nation - with the righteous passion we know lurks beneath his cool exterior, and blast the shit out of these weasly, self-serving, right-wing nutballs. He must take it to them, guns blazing, and harness the energy of a public that continue to be manipulated, like sheep, because Obama has not figured out a way to break the insidious spell much of the electorate has fallen under. If the Republicans have anything over the Democrats, its their mind-control skills. Obama MUST administer a sharp slap across the collective cheek of the now-zombie nation's collective face, and wake people the #@%$ up!

Anonymous said...

AGREE 100%

Robert said...

These comments are clearly much more insightful and well stated then my original post.