Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exhibit One

It was the President as preacher. It was a call for all of us, in honor of those wounded or killed in Tucson, to be a better form of ourselves. To treat not only our family and loved ones better, but to end the bitterness that has become a staple of our discourse with those we disagree. And then, right on cue, there is Sarah Palin. Exhibit One, she should be called.

If the words of the President are to have meaning, we must temper our response to one suffering from a terminal case of foot in mouth disease. I cannot and should not rail against her for once again trying to frame the discussion with her as the victim. I cannot and should not find fault that, given the time from Saturday until yesterday to choose her response carefully, she decided on phrasing that is incendiary. I cannot and should not escalate because I find her tone so inappropriate and the message she conveys so wrong.

Exhibit One, in all that she does so badly, can serve to make us better people. Without intention, she can teach by example. Do not unto others as Exhibit One would do unto you. For that, Exhibit One, our nation owes you thanks.

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gail said...

Great piece! Send this along to the Times.