Thursday, January 6, 2011


("Dear Old Golden Rule Days" and Gail Collins likening the first day of Congress to the first day of school)

I have been sleeping pretty well the last couple of weeks. I have been baffled as to why this has occurred, but I believe I have come up with the answer: Congress was in recess.

Just one day back and the kids are already gearing up for more hair pulling, name calling and general mayhem. With a new leader in the House taking a very large gavel in hand and those in his party pledging to begin a vigorous attack on health care reform, we will soon be in the middle of it all again. Over in the Senate, the thought of creating an effective plan to compel debate and decision, instead of continuing the tactic of delay and defer, is rebuffed with disdain and a " be careful what you wish for because someday soon you could be me".

So, I wonder if we couldn't extend the winter break for the little boys and girls who threaten my tranquility. I don't want to be counting votes in my head instead of counting sheep. If we could just keep the children away from one another for let's say all but the lame duck session and let them get everything done in about 6 weeks a year, that should do the trick. It seems like the kids played pretty well together during that time. I would be most grateful, and I think my wife would appreciate my not waking her up as I try to tip toe out of the room in the middle of the night.

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