Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Already Hurting

"Make Everybody Hurt"- I invite David Brooks to read Bob Herbert's op-ed this morning ("At Grave Risk"). The Republican led discussion has taken a very wrong turn. Almost everyone is already hurting Mr. Brooks. The question to be posed is how to make their hurting less, not more.

The focus on creating has been lost in this Republican frenzy to destroy. Take down the unions, take away benefits, take away, take away, take away. What will be left if the Republican vision comes to pass is nothing but a carcass, as the most wealthy pick on the remains of the rest of our society.

Mr. Herbert presents the sounds of the many wondering where and when the help will arrive. To Mr. Brooks, and the Republicans these words fall on deaf ears. Until we build this recovery on making people whole, not less than they already are, tomorrow will only be worse than today.

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