Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Caught in His Own Web

"Good vs Evil, Hanging by a Thread"- Has there ever been a worse review of a show of this magnitude? "Spider-Man" seems to have fallen to the ground once more, and this time it looks like the injury may be fatal. If Mr. Brantley is correct in his analysis, not only should this production not have an official opening, it should have a new title : "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Lights".


Anonymous said...

But look at all the free publicity it is getting? Aren't people attracted to tragedy? Or potential tragedy? Just look at hockey or basketball for their fights, or Nascar for its accidents.

Anonymous said...

And welcome back, where have you been these last few weeks ? We need your ramblings to start our day.

Robert said...

Free publicity is what is has been getting for almost 70 shows during previews.

However, the concept that any publicity is good publicity is a difficult concept to imagine applying to the review in the NY Times.

An epic stinker.

Robert said...

Thank you for noticing I was not around much recently. Been battling a persistent cough and was a little too pooped to pop off. Feeling better now.