Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Time with Yogi and My Dad

"It Happens Every Spring: Driving Mr. Yogi" - There is almost a palpable feeling of springtime and renewal in seeing Yogi once more. But more than anything else, for me, thoughts of Yogi inevitably are linked to an old baseball that has traveled with me since childhood.

Yogi was on the back end of his storied career, playing in his 2000th game as a Yankee. In the course of his at bat, he hit a foul ball into the stands down the first base line. The ball rattled off one of the steel girders that ringed the old Stadium. As it caromed, my dad reached up and gathered in an unforgettable souvenir.

My dad passed away in 1979. Yet now, over 31 years later, whenever I look at that ball hit by Yogi, I am transformed into that little boy who looked lovingly at his dad, as he held the ball aloft and smiled the broadest of smiles. So, I thank you Yogi, for coming back to yet another spring training and for letting me spend yet another moment in time with my dad.


Librarianliz said...

If you stop your blog I'll miss reading moments like this. Librarian Liz

Robert said...

thank you - compliments from you have a special impact upon me

Nancy Leeds said...

and it's the first sports related blog i've appreciated.

Robert said...

that's because sports is merely a backdrop to this post