Monday, February 28, 2011

Without Sheen

In what must have been a 10 minute interview shown on Today, Charlie Sheen appeared to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown on the air. His mannerisms and the content of his speech were filled with an unapologetic rage that seemed psychotic. It was the portrait of a man spinning totally out of control. But did it belong in the middle of the first hour of this program when there was so much more newsworthy material that should have been demanding our attention?

Let pieces like this be relegated to their proper time and space. Take your entertainment tonight programming and devote it entirely to this unraveling if you choose. On the day after the Oscars, if you choose to make this industry the focus for your audience, show us those that deserve our attention. Don't take the worst of what there is and parade it in front of us as news. The Today show is better than that. Or at least it should be.

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